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DIY Pools Are Hot This Summer!

Extremely Affordable, Fast & No Pro Install Required

Don’t have the roughly $20,000-$30,000 to drop on a traditional swimming pool? Not many of us do! And plenty of folks are looking for pool access now with many community pools, water parks and other outdoor entertainment options off of the table. Using affordable galvanized stock tanks — traditionally designed for watering livestock — has become a popular feature in U.S. backyards. These tanks are readily available from sellers on Amazon, traditional farm & ag suppliers and Tractor Supply Co. It’s not tough to get your hands on one starting at around $100 depending on the size.

While cooling off in a stock tank isn’t exactly a new idea, some trailblazers have come up with ingenious ways to dress them up and fit their personal pool needs. Beyond the price tag, the ease of customization is a huge plus for these pools. Country chic, boho, beach casual, or a sleek resort look–you can really tailor your stock tank pool to your heart’s desire.

The maintenance on these pools is also pretty simple, even more so if you only use them sparingly and fill up and drain for a few uses on the weekends. If you’d like to keep your pool filled, it’s recommended by retailers that you get a small pump and filter or aerator to keep the water moving and avoid stagnation. You can also incorporate an actual pool filter and avoid pool chemicals all together, but adding chlorine is also a viable option. They’re a great solution for kids who want to enjoy some pool time fun and can be just as safe as traditional above and inground pools.

Interested in trying one out? Check out these fabulous examples:


@stocktankpool Instagram


@stocktankpool Instagram


Fully customize by painting and coordinate with your existing or desired color palette:

@stocktankpool Instagram


Easy to incorporate with existing decks & patios:

@stocktankpool Instagram


Dress it up or down to match your personal style and create your dream backyard!

@stocktankpool Instagram

View more stock tank pools by following the hashtag #stocktankpool on Instagram.

Want a heated version? Here’s some inspiration for a DIY Hot Tub courtesy of the Decoist:

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