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2023 Design Trends We Already Have Our Eyes On

 1. Nature-Inspired Spaces are Here to Stay

If you went all-in on the biophilic designs from the first few years of this decade, Amy Youngblood, the owner and principal designer of Amy Youngblood Interiors, assures us these aren’t going anywhere.

“The theme of incorporating nature in interior elements will continue to be prevalent in finishes and fittings,” she says. “We will be seeing colors inspired by nature, like softer greens and blues that are calming and pleasing to the eye.”

Sustainability will continue to grow in importance, and we will see that reflected in our homes as well as in finishes and furniture Design expert Gena Kirk, who oversees KB Home Design Studio, agrees.

“We are seeing a lot of people move the outside in,” she says. “They want natural items in their house—baskets or plants or natural wood tables. We see a lot of live-edge tables or big stumps used as an end table. Having those outdoor elements coming into the house really feeds our soul.”

 2. Moody and Dramatic Spaces

Jennifer Walter, the owner and principal designer for Folding Chair Design Co, tells us she’s most excited for monochrome in 2023. “We are loving the look of a deep, moody room in all the same color,” Walter says. “Deep green or purple painted or wallpapered walls in the same color as the shades, furnishings, and fabrics—so modern and cool.”

Youngblood agrees. “Along the lines of more dramatic themes, gothic is also said to be making a comeback. We are seeing more and more black decor and paint that creates a moody vibe.”

3. The Return of Art Deco

When it comes to aesthetics, Youngblood predicts a return to the Roaring 20s. “More decorative trends, such as art deco, are making a comeback,” she tells us. “We anticipate seeing lots of fun powder baths and gathering areas with inspiration from art deco.”

4. Dark and Textured Countertops

“I’m loving the dark, leathered granite and soapstone countertops showing up all over,” Walter says. “We use them a lot in our projects and love their earthy, approachable quality.”

Kirk notes this, too, citing that darker countertops are often paired with lighter cabinets. “We’re seeing a lot of lighter stained cabinets with leather—even in countertops, that weathering kind of finish.”

5. More Energetic and Fun Color Palettes

“People are moving away from the ultra-minimalist look and want more color and energy,” Youngblood says. “Wallpaper is making its way back into the game, and we can’t wait to see it continue to rise in popularity in 2023.”

6. Soothing Pastels

While we might see a rise of deep and bold colors in 2023, certain spaces still call for a level of zen—and this is where pastels come back in.

“Because of the uncertainty in the world right now, homeowners are turning to patterns in soothing tones,” trend expert Carol Miller of York Wallcoverings says. “These colorways are more watered down than a traditional pastel, creating a calming effect: think eucalyptus, mid-level blues, and our 2022 York color of the year, At First Blush, a soft pink.”

7. Upcycling and Simplifying

“Upcoming trends are really inspired by special memories or maybe heirlooms from families, and upcycling is a growing trend right now,” Kirk notes. But they’re not necessarily enhancing or embellishing on old pieces—expect 2023 to involve a lot of paring back.

“With old-is-new,” Kirk explains. “People are going into a consignment store or buying a piece of furnishing and then refinishing it or stripping it down and just leaving it natural with maybe a nice lacquer on it.”

8. Lighting as a Mood

“Lighting has become an important thing to our clients, from task lighting to layered lighting, depending on how they want to use the room,” Kirk says. “There’s a growing interest in creating different moods for different activities.”

9. A Love of Organization

With the rise of organizational TV shows across the major streaming platforms, Kirk notes that people will only continue to want their space well-organized in 2023. 

“What people have, they want to be well-organized,” Kirk says. “We’re seeing a lot less desire for open shelving—that was a very big trend for a really long time—and glass front doors. We’re seeing customers who want to close things up and organize them well.”

10. More Curves and Rounded Edges

“For a very long time, modern became very square, but we’re seeing that things are starting to soften up a little bit,” Kirk says. “There are more curves, and things are starting to round out. Even in hardware, things are a little bit rounder—think more moon-shaped type hardware.”

Here’s What’s Out

When it comes to predicting what we’ll see less of in 2023, our experts have a few guesses there, too.

  • “Caning has become pretty saturated out there, down to coasters and trays,” Walter says. “I think we’ll be seeing this trend mature in more woven inserts that are a bit more delicate and tone on tone.”
  • “The untextured, minimalist look is phasing out,” Youngblood says. “People want character and dimension in their spaces, especially kitchens, and will be using more texture in stone and tiles and more use of color instead of basic white.”
  • “We’re seeing gray gone,” Kirk says. “Everything is really warming up.” 




-Courtesy of The Spruce, Ashley Chalmers, originally published 10/25/22

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